Family photo – Legros – Legresley – Radley-Walters – Demouilpied – Lemarquand

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1903-1904. - Group photograph showing members of the extended Legros family.



1. Wife of Edwin Hamlin Legresley (standing behind her, #6).

2. Winifred Radley-Walters (daughter George # 7 & Emily Sophia Demouilpied # 3)

3. Emily Sophia Demouilpied 1849-1904 (daughter Rev. Joseph Demouilpied & Sophia OGIER, of Guernsey), widow John Legresley and wife of George R.-Walters.

4. Matilda Lemarquand (daughter Elias John Lemarquand & Matilda Ann Blampied of Newport), wife of Arthur Blondel Legresley (# 9).

5. Edith Emily Legresley (daughter John Legresley & Emily Sophia Demouilpied, # 3), wife John James Legros and mother of John Arthur "Jack" Legros (# 10)

2nd ROW (REAR)

6. Edwin Hamlin Legresley (son John Legresley & Emily Sophia Demouilpied), his wife # 1 unidentified.

7. Reverend Canon George Radley-Walters 1851-1916 (son Reverend William RADLEY-WALTERS & Sarah Symons), husband of Emily Sophia Demouilpied (#3).

8. Sidney Radley-Walters (son George Radley-Walters & Emily Sophia Demouilpied).

9. Arthur Blondel Legresley (son John Legresley & Emily Sophia Demouilpied) husband of Matilda Lemarquand (#4).

10. Young boy seated in front: John Arthur "Jack" Legros, son John James Legros and Edith Emily Legresley (# 5).

Sincere thanks to Mr. Grant Radley-Walters for the detailed identification of all these people. He recalls visiting young John Arthur Legros as a child at the Maison Legros in Pointe-Saint-Pierre. He says this photo is familiar, and he has another of the same people all wearing hats.

This photo was taken in Manchester, New Hampshire, USA while traveling for a family reunion. Arthur & Edward (# 6 and # 9) moved to Manchester as adults and married there.

Mr. Grant Radley-Walters is the great-grandson of George (# 7). He also relates that John Arthur "Jack" Legros lived in the "big green house" and that one of his job responsibilities was to communicate with planes flying from the Gaspé Peninsula to Newfoundland, using a communication tower in his backyard.

George Radley-Walters became the step-grandfather of John Arthur Legros who is seated, (the son of John James), through his marriage to John Legresley's widow: Emily Sophia Demouilpied; Edith Emily Legresley being the daughter of John and E. S. Demouilpied, and the mother of John Arthur.

Reverend Joseph Demouilpied (Emily Sophia's father) was an Anglican minister at the little church on Pointe-Saint-Pierre before George Radley-Walters arrived.

Reference :

Musée de la Gaspésie. Fonds Famille Legros. P250/3/3,13.

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