Salmon Angling on the Restigouche

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[1890]. - Etching showing a man fishing for salmon, accompanied by two guides, on the Restigouche River. They are in a bark canoe, probably of Mi'kmaq origin.

In the background, we can see the forest-covered mountains.

To learn more :

Georgette S. Leblanc, Our Majestics : the Restigouche and the Matapedia, Magazine Gaspésie, Summer 2010, p. 20-23. (French only)

Reference :

Musée de la Gaspésie. Artiste: P. Naumanns. "Off for a run on the Restigouche" dans The Illustrated London News, 6 septembre 1890. Musée de la Gaspésie. Fonds Richard Gauthier. P162/6/9/3.

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