A View of the Pierced Island

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1760. - Etching representing ships fighting a British vessel in the Percé harbour. In the back, we can see the Percé Rock with its two arches.

This original drawing was realised by Hevey Smythe, aide-de-camp to General Wolfe during the Conquest. It is one of a six-part series named "Six Elegant Views of the Most Remarkable Places in the River and Gulph of St Lawrence."

To learn more :

Dossier : La Gaspésie britannique, Magazine Gaspésie, March-June 2014, no 179 (French only).

Reference :

Musée de la Gaspésie. Hervey Smythe, "A view of the Pierced Island a Remarkable Rock". Musée de la Gaspésie. P162 Fonds Richard Gauthier.. P162/6/1.

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June Walker

I have a print of this exact picture given to me by my grandmother over 60 years ago.

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